Welcome to Minichamps UK

Powered by Diecast Legends, Minichamps UK is a window to the most comprehensive selection of Minichamps models in the world.

On our site, we feature just about every single replica that has been announced by Minichamps but not yet released as well as the largest range of available in-stock replica models.

All these replicas are available for pre-order, although as you would expect, no monies are debited from your car until your Minichamps model has been despatched.

We work closely with Minichamps and with their UK distributor to provide the biggest selection of Minichamps available anywhere.

We are the only company that will guarantee to meet all pre-ordered Minichamps new releases. In fact, if we ever fail to supply a new Minichamps model to a customer, we will pay out a cheque equivalent to double the retail price by way of compensation. This offer, however, only applies if the replica is ordered prior to its release.

There is probably no other retailer anywhere who works more closely with Minichamps than we do. We are responsible for many of the cars, and particularly the motorbikes, that Minichamps produce.

Not only do we regularly propose new subjects to Minichamps, but frequently we are tasked with finding immaculate original examples to photograph and measure for Minichamps' engineers and model-makers.

Featured Products

Once a model has been released by Minichamps, we aim to keep it on our shelves for a number of months.

But, this can never be guaranteed as some Minichamps models sell out on, or immediately after, they are released.

What this means is that the safest way to secure any new Minichamps model is to order it before it arrives in the UK.